Payroll Premier 2018/19 Patch Update.

Legacy KB ID: 5700


We have identified the following 3 issues in Payroll Premier 2018/19 release.

1) Why is the super paid to under 18 employees going to RESC in my STP report? The employees have worked more than 30 hours and the super paid should not go to RESC? In Payroll Premier 2018/19.

2) Deductions for some employees are spread across the entire employee’s record when doing the pay.

3) 4 digits Postcode starting with ‘0’ is exported as 3 digits in STP report, cutting out the initial ‘0’. Eg. ‘0872’ is exported as ‘872’. Therefore, failing to lodge to STP Portal. How can I fix it? I get an error as below.

“The value specified for an item does not match the item type….. The Pattern constraint failed”

Applies to:

Reckon Payroll Premier 2018/19


We are aware of the above issue and now have released the fix for it.

The below fix attempts to fix all three issues

1) Super for Junior employees going to RESC.

2) Deductions are spread across entire employees.

3) The NT postcode issue where the initial '0' was being dropped off

Download and replace the correct RINB.EXE file from here with the faulty one from C:\ QPRollV27\Reports

Detailed steps.

We have now fixed the issue. Please download this correct file and replace it with the faulty one as stated below.

1) Close Payroll Premier 2018/19.

2) Download the correct file

3) Go to the Download Folder (or location that you have selected for the download) and copy the Rinb.exe file.

4) Now go to the installation directory for Payroll Premier 2018/19, and to the Reports Folder usually C:\ QPRollV27\Reports

5) Paste the Rinb.exe file here and replace the faulty one, when prompted “file already exists’.

This will now replace the faulty Rinb.exe file with the Good one and all the above issues should be fixed.

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