How to recover a failed import of BankData on desktop RAB.

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I have successfully requested a BankData import but no import file appears on the Online Banking Centre of my company file.  How do I get my transactions?


Import the web connect file olacclst.qbo located in the D:\Documents\Reckon Limited folder


The Issue

Your imported BankData transactions to your desktop Reckon Accounts is stored in a webconnect file (olacclst.qbo) in the C:\Documents\Reckon Limited folder.

The Import process will trigger the opening of the Transactions import module (the same used form importing QIF files) and allow you to process the download file to the Online Banking Centre. 

When you request another BankData download the olacclst.qbo file will be entered.

If your BankData import does not complete the normal process then you can manually import the olacclst.qbo file.


Who does this apply to?

Reckon Accounts desktop users – all editions.

This solution is not available to Reckon Accounts Hosted users



You can only recover the downloaded transactions before attempting another BankData download.  Once a new BankData Import is started the olacclst.qbo file is emptied and the transactions from the last import no longer available.

1.    Go to file > Utilities > Import > Web Connect Files

2.    Select olacclst.qbo from the C:\Documents\Reckon Limited folder

3.    Follow the prompts to complete the process.


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