Process is slow when performing a backup in QuickBooks QBi

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Why is the process slow when performing a backup in QuickBooks QBi 2008/09?


When creating a backup of your company file, QuickBooks runs the Verify Data utility. This prevents you from potentially overwriting a clean backup with a backup that contains data errors.

QuickBooks QBi 2008/09 backups now secure all QuickBooks files (templates, letters, logos, images, and so on) related to the company file. This increases the size of the backup and therefore takes longer to complete and may seem slow.

By default, the Verify Data utility is set on Complete verification (recommended).

To modify the Complete Verification backup preference:

   1. From the File menu, select Save Copy or Backup...
   2. Select the Backup copy option, and then click the Next button.
   3. Click the Options button.
   4. Select Complete verification (recommended) , Quicker verification (faster but less thorough), or No verification (not recommended).

Important Note: We highly recommend running the Verify utility at least once a week to identify potential data damage.

If the Verify utility reports a data integrity error, run the Rebuild data utility. Please see Q12170 for further information.

Note: In addition, data verification is now recommended during backups. Although this increases the length of time for the backup to complete, it helps ensure that the backup you're creating does not contain damaged data.

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