How do I customise the fonts on my forms?

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How do I customise the fonts on my forms?


In QuickBooks you can change the fonts for forms such as invoices and statements on the Options tab of the Customise Templates window, or from the Layout Designer. To change fonts from the Options tab: 1) From the Lists menu select Templates. 2) Select the form whose fonts you wish to modify. 3) From the Templates button menu, choose Edit. 4) Click the Options tab. 5) Fonts for Title, Labels, Data, etc. can be changed with the Fonts section of this tab. To change fonts for an individual label or data field: 1) From the Lists menu, choose Templates. 2) Choose the customised template you want to change. Note: The Layout Designer can only be used for customised forms. Intuit standard forms cannot be changed. However, you can save an Intuit standard form under a different name and then customise it. 3) From the Template button menu, choose Edit. 4) Click the Layout Designer button. 5) Select the field whose font you wish to change, for example, "Description" or "Ship To". 6) Click Properties. 7) Click the Font button at the bottom of the Properties window. 8) Make your font changes in the dialog that appears, then click OK twice to confirm the changes and exit the dialog. Notice that the changes are immediately reflected in the Layout Designer window.

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