How do I print statements?

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How do I print statements?


To print a statement: 1) Click the Sales and Customers tab of the Navigator and choose Statements, or from the Activities menu, choose Create Statements. 2) If QuickBooks gives you a choice of accounts, choose the A/R account for the statements you want to print. 3) From the Print Format drop-down list, choose the statement format on which to print the statement, or choose Customise to customise a statement template. 4) Enter the date range for your printed statements. 5) Enter the statement date. 6) Choose whether you want to print statements for all customers, selected customers, a specific customer, or customers of a specific type. 7) Choose whether to print summary statements that include all jobs for a particular customer or to print a separate statement for each job. 8) (Optional) Select the "Don't print statements with a zero balance." checkbox to print only those statements with a balance. 9) (Optional) Click Preview to see the statements before you print them. 10) (Optional) Click Finance Charges to assess finance charges on past due balances before you send out your statements. 11) Click OK. 12) Choose the printer name and type on which you are printing the forms. 13) Specify type of paper on which you want to print. 14) Select whether to print lines around each field. 15) (Optional) Enter an additional number of copies. 16) Click Print.

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