Downloading your company file for offline use

Downloading your Reckon Hosted company file for offline use

Reckon Accounts Hosted customers are entitled to a copy of Reckon Accounts Enterprise, if you haven’t already installed Reckon Accounts Enterprise on your local drive please email your Reckon Hosted user name to to be allocated with a licence.

Once you have received your installation key, you can then download and install your copy of Reckon Accounts Enterprise from the Members Area of

How to Backup your data file

In order to access your Reckon Hosted data ‘offline’, you first need to create a backup of your data file, once backed up you can download the backup file to your local drive.

Detail steps on how to backup file:

  1. Login to your hosted data file.
  2. Go to File Menu -> Save copy or Backup.
  3. Select Backup copy/ Portable company file depending on your requirements.
  4.  We selected backup copy in this example. Click Next.
  5. Select Local backup. Next
  6.  You will now be prompted with backup location. It will by default go to B: Drive. Leave as it is.
  7. Select the verification type. As your requirement. (Occasionally Complete or Quicker verification is recommended). Please see Kb on complete verification for more information.
  8. Press Ok. And Finish


Downloading your backup

Once you have created a backup of your Company File, you will be able to download your backup file from Hosted using the Floating toolbar (with the Red Toolbox icon).


Downloading the file:

  1. Once logged into Reckon Accounts Hosted, click on the floating toolbar as shown above.
  2. Click on the ‘down arrow icon’ to download the file.
  3. You will see the file browser window will open. It will by default look into the documents folder.
    Click on the drop-down arrow
    and select My Backup (B:) drive. (All your backup files (QBB files or QBM files) will be on located on My Backup (B) drive.)
  4. Navigate to the correct file you wish to download and click on it to start the download.
  5. It should ask you for the location, where you would like to download it to. By default, it should select Download folder on your PC. You can change it if you like.
  6. Once you have selected the destination, click on Save.
  7. Your download will now start.

Once downloaded, you will need to restore it using File Open menu and selecting Restore a backup copy in your copy of Reckon Accounts Enterprise.


Uploading your backup file:

When you’ve completed your work and are ready to upload back into the Reckon Hosted environment, you first need to create a backup in Reckon Accounts Enterprise via File Menu -> Save copy or Backup.

After the backup is complete, to upload your data: -

  1. Log into Reckon Accounts Hosted, you should see the floating toolbar.
  2. Click on the 'up arrow' to upload the backup file.
  3. You will see a file browser window. Browse to the backup file on your local PC, select it and press open.
  4. You will see the upload progress bar, uploading the file.


Once upload is completed you can see the backup file within your My Backup (B:) drive.

You will need to restore it using File Open menu and selecting Restore a backup copy

  • The restore will default to the Q: drive, if your original file was located in a Shared Folder you need to browse and select the correct shared folder.
  • When restoring the Datafile, make sure you restore using the same file name as the original data file and also in the correct location to ensure you overwrite the original file and dont end up with two copies.
  • You need to restore the backup file to Hosted prior to anyone making any changes to the Hosted file, if anyone has made any changes in Hosted since the backup was created, these changes will be lost as you restore your backup over the top of the existing file

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