Senor TP-100 printer is Powering on and randomly or beeping constantly.

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I’m not able to install the Virtual COM driver for my Senor TP-100 Receipt Printer. It is beeping constantly or powering off and on every few seconds. The virtual COM port driver under Ports in device manager is disappearing and reappearing. How can I fix it?


We have seen this behavior when setting up the Senor TP100 receipt printer for the first time. We have identified that this issue is generally due to the incorrect Virtual COM port driver being installed. This is usually the case when Windows automatically tries to detect the driver and install it, when the ‘Device installation settings’ on windows is set to ‘Yes’ as shown below.

Who does this apply to?

The issue applies to POS users using Senor TP-100 Receipt Printer. The issue has been found in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Solution / Workaround:

The resolution has been categorised into three major steps as below:

Step 1: Disable the settings for ‘Device installation settings’ to ‘No”.

Step 2: Uninstall the incorrect Virtual COM Driver.

Step 3: Install the correct driver.

Detailed steps.

Step 1: Disable the settings for ‘Device installation settings’ to ‘No”.

i) Go to the start menu and type ‘Device installation settings’.

ii) Select ‘Change Device installation settings’.

iii) You will see the window with the question, ‘Do you want to automatically download manufacturer’s apps and custom icons available for your devices?’ Select option ‘No’

iv) From there select ‘Never install software from windows update’.

Please note you may see different message based on your Windows OS. Please see windows help for more information here.

Windows 7:

Step 2: Uninstall the incorrect Virtual COM Driver.

i) With the printer turned on open device manager

ii) Navigate to the ‘Ports’ and open it.

iii) Navigate to the driver for Virtual COM Port. Right-click the driver and click uninstall

iv) Check ‘delete from my PC’

v) Reboot once completed

Step 3: Install the correct driver

Once the incorrect driver has been removed, please install the correct one from here.

Now try printing again.

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