How do I time an activity?

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How do I time an activity?


Timing an activity: 1) If the activity you want to time is not already in the Current Activity field, choose it from the drop-down list. - If you choose from Today's Activities, the Timer will add time to the time already shown for today. - If you choose from Activity Templates, the Timer will start with zero time. 2) Click Start. 3) When you want to stop the Timer, click Stop. If you want to start it again, click Resume. Exporting Timer data back to QuickBooks Pro: 1) From the File menu, choose Export Time Activities. 2) In the Export Activities window, change the date through which to export all unexported activities if the date is not correct. 3) Click Export. 4) In the Create Export File window, specify a name, drive, folder (or directory) for the .iif file you are creating. 5) Click OK. Tip: For onscreen help while using the Timer, press F1 or choose Help for this Window from the Help menu.

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