How do I print invoices that are not the standard size?

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How do I print invoices that are not the standard size?


If you want to print invoices that are a different size from the standard Intuit forms (i.e. 8 1/2" x 11"), you must look at the many aspects of printing that can affect the outcome. You may need to try different configurations until you find one that works. The following factors affect printing: The most important thing to remember when setting up an invoice with a non-standard page size is experiment and use Preview on the invoice window to see how the invoice will look. The make and type of printer Before you can print a non-standard sized invoice, you must make sure your printer is capable of doing this. To find out, read the documentation for the printer or experiment using the procedures described in this document. The printer driver To print a non-standard sized invoice, your printer driver must have settings for different page sizes or allow for custom settings. To find out whether your printer driver supports different page sizes, from the QuickBooks File menu, choose Print Setup and click Options to see if the page size you want to print is available, or if the printer driver allows you to define a custom size. The version of QuickBooks QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro are designed to allow you to design invoices that have different page sizes using the Layout Designer (see procedure below). In other words, if you design a smaller invoice, the invoice will print out smaller regardless of the actual paper size. The size and type of forms you use If you use forms that are different from the standard size but your printer or printer driver do not support different sizes, your forms will not print out correctly. Now that you know the factors that affect how you print your forms, you can start to try out various configurations to see what works best with your setup. The following procedure is designed to be a guideline to get you started experimenting and testing the results. Printing a non-standard sized invoice (e.g., 8 1/2" x 7 1/4") 1) From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Print Setup. 2) Choose a form from the Form Name drop-down list. 3) Choose the printer you'll use to print forms. 4) Choose the printer type: continuous or page-oriented. 5) Click the Options button. 6) Choose your paper size, e.g., 8 1/2 x 7 1/4. 7) Choose the appropriate layout and orientation. You may find that Landscape orientation is better for sizes smaller than 8 1/2" x 11" 8) Choose your paper source. 9) Click the other tabs in the window to change the settings for graphics and printer features. 10) Click OK In the Properties window and the Printer Setup window to save the changes. 11) From the Activities menu, choose Create Invoices. 12) Choose Customise from the Custom Template drop-down list. 13) Select a template from the list. 14) Click New to create a new template using the selected template as a starting point. 15) Enter a name for the template. 16) Click Layout Designer. If you have set up a smaller page size in Printer Setup, you will get a message stating that some of the fields are outside the margins of the document - do you still want to open the invoice. Click Yes. 17) Resize and move the elements of the invoice until they fit in the printing area and you are satisfied with their placement and size. 18) Click OK to save your changes. 19) Create a sample invoice with this template and Preview it. Make adjustments to the Printer Setup or template until it looks the way you want it to.

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