How do I add my company logo to sales and purchase order forms?

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How do I add my company logo to sales and purchase order forms?


To add your logo to Sales and Purchase Order forms, use these steps: 1. From the QuickBooks Lists menu, choose Templates. 2. Select the form you wish to modify, and click Open Form. 3. Choose Customize from the Form Template drop-down list in the upper right corner of the form. 4. To add the logo to an existing form, select the form from the Select a Template list, and click Edit. To create a new form, select the form style you want to copy, click New, and type the new form name in the Template Name box. 5. Click the Options tab. 6. Select the Use logo checkbox. If the box is already selected, click Specify. 7. In the Logo window, click File. 8. In the Open Logo File window, click the Look In drop-down list and find the drive, path, and name of the file that contains the logo. If the logo is not on your hard drive, you will need to copy it to the hard drive so that QuickBooks will always have the file available for your forms. Save the logo file in the same directory in which QuickBooks is installed. Note: The logo must be a bitmap (.bmp) file. You can create bitmaps in programs like Paintbrush. For best results, use a square bitmap. 9. Click Open to return to the Logo window. 10. Click OK to return to the Customize window, and click OK again. 11. To view the logo, click the down arrow to the right of the Print button at the top of the form, and select Preview.

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