How to handle a Refund from a Supplier.

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If I enter a bill say for $500 and the bill is paid, how do I later enter a refund from the supplier for say $200?


If the bill has been entered and paid, then simply enter a credit for $200 using the same items/expenses that are applicable to the original bill. This credit will then sit in the Accounts payable account and also appear as a negative figure of (-$200) in the 'Pay Bills' section. To clear this amount, make a deposit to the bank account that applies. 1) Under the 'Received from' column choose the supplier. 2) Under the Amount column, enter the refund amount of $200. 3) Under the 'From Account' column choose the Accounts Payable account. 4) Click OK to enter the deposit. In the 'Pay Bills' section there should now be an entry with a positive value of $200 to counteract the -$200. Place a tick next to both entries then click OK to clear them both.

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