How do I print cheques in batches?

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How do I print cheques in batches?


In QuickBooks, you can print cheques one at a time or in batches (several cheques at once). To print one cheque at a time: 1) On the Write Cheques window, use Next/Previous to find the cheque you want to print. 2) Click Print. To print several cheques at once: 1) From the Write Cheques window, mark each cheque "To be printed" by clicking in the "To be printed" checkbox. 2) Make sure your printer is turned on and is online. 3) Make sure you have the correct cheques in your printer. 4) From the File menu, choose Print Forms, then Print Cheques. 5) Select your bank account. 6) Select the cheques you would like to print. They should have check marks next to them. 7) Enter the first cheque number. 8) Click OK. 9) If necessary, select your printer name, printer type, cheque style, and font. 10) Click OK.

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