Negative amounts on Invoices causes the Trial Balance to be out on a Cash & Gross basis

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Why do negative amounts on invoices causes the Trial Balance to be out on a Cash & Gross basis?


This will only occur if you are reporting on a Cash & Gross basis.

Cash & Net, Accrual & Net or Accrual & Gross will balance.

Note: Before following the instructions below, please be sure you have at least one or two valid backups of your data file.

  1. From the Reports Menu, select Accountant > Trial Balance
  2. Narrow the date range of the trial balance until you find the first unbalanced day
  3. Generate a Journal report from the Reports menu > Accountant > Journal for the Date it is out of balance
  4. From the Debit and Credit column, find the transaction that does not match
  5. Double click the line to zoom into each transaction
  6. Edit the transactions with a negative amount and assign them to a discount item type.

Another alternative is to create an adjustment note and assign it to the invoice to off-set the negative amount.

Repeat the steps until all affected transactions have been edited.

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