Send Forms list is blank and there are no forms to email

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I am preparing to send an email (e.g. payslip), I can select the employees on the initial "Select Pay Slips To Email" window, however, on the next screen "Select Forms To Send" this is completely blank and I cannot email anything. This also effects other forms such as payment summaries and invoices.


The Send Forms to Send list cannot show a corrupted email and will not show good emails that follow a corrupted one.  You therefore see an incomplete list. 

If your list is blank and you know there should be emails waiting to be sent, then the first email is corrupt.

When you exit Select Forms to Send, QuickBooks will delete the first corrupted email – but only the first corrupted email.  You will need to enter and exit Send Forms to Email a number of times until the last of the emails is displayed and all corrupted emails are deleted.


Detailed Instructions
  1. Go to File > Send Forms.
  2. If you have other forms to sent (eg Invoices, Remittance Advices), send those forms.
  3. Exit the Select Forms to Send window.  This will delete the first corrupt email.
  4. Create a flag file to use as an end-of-list marker in Send Forms to Email list:
    1. Create a dummy employee with print method set to Email;
    2. Process one pay for a date later than the Payment Summaries;
    3. Prepare a Payment Summary to email for the dummy employee;
    4. When this email appears in the Send Forms to Email list you will know you have reached the end of the list and that there are no more corrupt emails. 
  5. Go to send another email:  File > Send Forms > then click ESC.  The next corrupt email will be deleted.
  6. Go to Send Forms to Email again.  Can you see the email for the dummy employee? 
    1. If Yes, all corrupt emails have been deleted;
    2. If No, there are still more corrupt emails to delete.  Repeat Step 4 until the newly created email is visible.   
  7. Repeat Step 5 as many times as needed until you see you see the email for your dummy employee.  You may need to repeat these steps as many times as the number of employees in your payment summaries list.
  8. Recreate all other employees’ Payment Summaries to Email and Send.  Delete your dummy employee’s pays and record.


Additional Note

After deleting all corrupt emails you may be left with a list of good Payment Summaries to Email.  You may if you wish send these.  However, before doing so you will need to identify which Payment Summaries were corrupted and need to be recreated.   If there are more than one or two corrupted emails it will be easier to recreate all Payment Summaries to ensure that all employees receive their Payment Summaries. 

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