How Do I Use Discount Line Items?

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How and when do I use Discount line items?


Firstly, set up a discount item for sales. You may choose a zero amount, a set amount, or a percentage. If you choose a zero amount, then you can specify the amount/ percentage when using the discount item in transactions. A discount item works the discount out based on the item on the split line above it so if you wish to apply a discount to an item, then make sure that the next item on the invoice is the discount item. If you wish to apply a discount to a group of items, then add a subtotal item below the group of items, then add a Discount item below the subtotal item. You may apply different discounts to seperate groups of items eg: Item QTY RATE Tax TaxAMT Amount Hats 10 10.00 GST 10.00 100.00 * Pens 50 3.50 GST 17.50 175.00 * Subtotal 275.00 %Discount -10% GST -2.75 -27.50 Discount 1 Bolt 500 .50 GST 25.00 250.00 * Bolt 1000 .50 GST 50.00 500.00 * Subtotal 750.00 %Discount -20% GST 15.00 -150.00 Discount 2 ------------------------------------------ Total 84.75 932.25 Note: Percentage discount items cannot be used on purchase orders or estimates.

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