How do I memorise reports?


How do I memorise reports?


QuickBooks allows you to memorise reports, including customised reports. You can re-run these reports at any time by recalling them from a list. QuickBooks memorises the report settings, not the data in the report. This means you can update your information easily by re-running the same report for different time periods. To memorise a report: 1) After customising a report, click Memorise on the report window. 2) If you have recalled a memorised report and changed it, indicate whether you want QuickBooks to replace the earlier report (under the same name) or create a new memorised report (under a new name). 3) (New memorised reports only) In the Memorise Report window, enter a title for the report. To use a memorised report: 1) From the Reports menu, choose Memorised Reports. 2) In the Memorised Report List window, select the report you want and click Generate Report. Note: When you recall a memorised report, it applies the settings you memorised. For example, if the report is set for the period "last month" and you memorise the report in September but recall it in December, the recalled report will have data for November, not August. Tip: If you want to save actual data, print the report to disk as a text, tab-delimited, or comma-delimited file. View the file you create by opening it from a word processing or spreadsheet program.

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