Setting up QuickBooks Pro in multi-user mode

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How do I set up QuickBooks Pro to use multi-user mode?


When running on a network, QuickBooks Pro has the ability to allow up to five users to work in the file at the same time. When users are allowed to work simultaneously in the same company file, the file is in multi-user mode. Follow these steps to set up a multi-user environment: Make sure you have your computers properly networked. If you need assistance setting up your network, refer to your networking software documentation. Note: Because of the complexity and variety of available networked systems, we are unable to provide support setting up your network. If you need further assistance, check with your system or network administrator (if you have one), the vendor whom set up the network, or a local computer consultant. For more information about the system and network requirements of QuickBooks Pro, see QuickBooks System Requirements. Install a copy of QuickBooks Pro for each user on their computer. Each user must have a unique copy of the same version of QuickBooks Pro with a unique installation Key Code. To purchase additional copies of QuickBooks Pro, visit your local retailer or buy online. Choose a location for the QuickBooks company file. Be sure each user has read/write access and create/delete rights to the directory where the QuickBooks company file is stored. (Again, if you are not sure how to do this, check with your network administrator or a local computer consultant.) On a peer-to-peer network (a network without a dedicated file server where all computers on the network have the option to share their resources), you may want to put the company file on the computer of the person who uses QuickBooks the most. This allows that person to have the fastest access to the file. On a Client-Server network (network in which at least one computer is dedicated to sharing files, or other resources and is not usually used by individuals to do their daily work), you will most likely put the company file on the server. Make sure you have mapped the network drives correctly. View the See Also links at the bottom of this document for more information on how to map a network drive in your specific version of Microsoft® Windows®. Choose a QuickBooks Administrator and have that person set up Users and Permissions. For more information see: * Setting Up the QuickBooks Administrator * Explanation of QuickBooks Permissions * Adding New Users and Limiting Their Access to the Company Data File Register your copies of QuickBooks Pro after you have begun sharing the company file.

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