Error 1904 when installing Reckon Accounts on the same PC with MYOB Account Edge installed.

Legacy KB ID: 5599


I’m having different problems in installing Reckon Accounts Business on my PC. Sometimes I get ‘Error 1904:…. failed to register’.


When installing RAB, after entering the IKC and clicking Next (or select what to install - ie DBSM, RAB Only, RAB and DBSM) nothing happens.


In some cases, if you manage to install, Reckon Accounts will not open. When you double-click on Reckon Accounts icon nothing happens.


You get ‘c=343 error’ when installing Reckon Accounts


We have identified above-mentioned issues occurs predominantly to our Partners PC environment, where you have got MYOB Account Edge (special edition for Accountants/Professional Partners) already installed on the same PC. It appears there could be some conflict on the setup files which prevents the installation of Reckon Accounts Business.


The workaround to this issue is to uninstall MYOB Edge and Install Reckon Accounts Business. You can then reinstall Edge once the Reckon Accounts is installed and registered. Please make sure you have got the enough backup of your data files, before uninstalling MYOB edge and that you will be able to reinstall it when needed.

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