Can I create multiple estimates for the same customer?

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Can I create multiple estimates for the same customer?


QuickBooks Pro lets you keep one estimate for each Customer:Job. You cannot add a second estimate for the exact same job. If you need to create more than one estimate per job, use the following procedure.

To track multiple estimates for the same job:

Create slightly different job names and write a different estimate for each job. For example, if you were a contractor bidding on a family room addition for Scott Faulds, the Customer:Job names for the two estimates could be:

* Scott Faulds:Family room 1

* Scott Faulds:Family room 2

When one estimate is accepted, delete the other estimates and the jobs associated with them.

Tip: To help keep track of the multiple customers and jobs, keep notes in the Customer notepad. To add a note, double-click in the Notes column on the Customer:Job list.

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