Reckon API Sample App


Get a good understanding of how Reckon API works and accelerate your integration with Reckon products by using our Reckon API Sample App.

Reckon API Sample app contains the below Reckon API products:

  1. Reckon One API
  2. Reckon Accounts Hosted API
If you want the Sample app for Reckon Accounts Desktop, it was provided to you in the zip file when you joined our Developer Partner program.


Reckon API Sample App is written in C# and .Net Framework. More languages will be available in future.


To clone/download the Reckon API Sample app, click here.


oAuth 2.0

Before you start using the Reckon API Sample App, you will need the below information and save them in the App.config:

  1. ClientID
  2. ClientSecret
  3. RedirectURI
When you join our Developer Partner program, we provide the above details to you via an email.

MySQL Server

Reckon API Sample App requires MySQL Server to store and retrieve data. This helps you to simulate how the API interaction works in the real world scenarios.

Although there are other available options, we chose to use WampServer - as its a free and easy to use web server that includes MySQL Server. We recommend you use WampServer also to minimize difficulties that may arise.

Detailed instructions are in the README file available in the Repository.

If you have any questions, please contact Reckon API Support team by emailing

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