Adding Employees - Payroll App

Create employee

  1. To start adding employees, tap on Employees at the bottom of the screen.
  2. To add your first employee tap Create first employee, or blue plus in the top-right corner.
Personal details

Begin by entering the first name and last name of the employee then tap Next.

Contact details

Now, fill in the employees contact and other personal information, contact number, date of birth, email address and street address, then Tap Next.

Employment details

Select if the employee is Full time, Part time or Casual. Enter the exact date the employee started working. Choose the pay frequency and enter the standard hours work per week (for full time and part time only). Tap Next.

Tax details

Enter the employee's tax file number (TFN), the state they work in, their residency status and the applicable tax scale. If they have a student debt (STSL, HELP, SFSS) select this option. Tap Next.

If they haven't provided a TFN, select the Employee has not provided a TFN option.
Leave details

The Leave details needs to be completed with the correct entitlement for the employee based on their employment status and standard hours per week for the employee. Select Edit leave to to change the Annual entitlement if required, particularly for part time employees. Tap Done when finished editing then tap Next.

Opening Balances

You will then be asked to enter the Opening balances for Annual leave and Personal leave for the employee. Select the Annual leave, enter the opening balance for the leave and the Balance as at date. When completed, tap Done. Enter the hours and date for the Personal leave. Tap Done, then Next.

Year to Date setup

If you have started using the Payroll app part way through the financial year, the screen allows you to enter the total amounts paid already for Earnings, Tax Withheld (PAYG), Superannuation, Allowances and Deductions.

  • Earnings: Enter the amount paid (YTD), the effective date and choose the applicable Earning name: Ordinary, Double time, Paid Parental leave, Bonus or Time and a half. Tap Add.
  • Tax Withheld (PAYG): Enter the amount paid (YTD) and the effective date. Tap Add.
  • Superannuation: Enter the amount paid (YTD), the effective date and choose the applicable Super name: Super guarantee or Salary Sacrifice for Super. Tap Add.
  • Allowances: Enter the amount paid (YTD), the effective date and choose the applicable Allowance name: Other, Laundry, Car (non taxed), Meal, Transport, Travel or Car (taxed). Tap Add.
  • Deductions: Enter the amount paid (YTD), the effective date and choose the applicable Deduction name: Social Club, Membership fees, Charity donations, FBT Contribution or Vehicle lease payment. Tap Add.

Once you're finished, tap Next. The employee has now been added. Tap Continue to return to the Employee list. For additional employees, choose the + in the top right hand corner.

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