Update Event


An Update Event can be used to correct Employee YTD figures where a change has been made to a prior Employee Pay Event.

An Update Event can be used to: -

-Correct misclassifications where, for example an item has been reported as Gross Payments when in fact it should have been reported as an Allowance

-Where the Employee YTD data in the Payroll System doesn’t match what has been reported to the ATO.


To lodge an Update Event from Reckon Accounts:

  1. Open the Lodge Single Touch Payroll window
  2. Tick the Update Event option
  3. Select the Employees that you wish to Update
  4. Click Lodge



As the Update Event is used to correct the current YTD figures, no matter what Pay Event you choose in the dropdown, the most recent YTD details will be included in the lodgement for the Employee (If you choose a Pay event in a prior financial year, the most recent YTD figures for that year will be exported).

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