Error -6010, 100 or -6010, 0: Your QuickBooks installation may have been modified. Try re-installing QuickBooks and then try again.

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Why do I get the following message: “Your Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks installation may have been modified. Try re-installing Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks and then try again. (-6010, 0)”


Update : 12/10/2018

You may also be getting an error as such missing DLL file (Cannot find the language resource dblgen9.dll file) when loading the application, followed by the error message. This error means somehow there is a corruption on the system files and needs to be restored. Please follow this KB prior to below instruction.

If the issue persists, please continue below.

This message can occur if you are running NOD32 Antivirus Software with InternetMonitor (IMON) enabled on the computer that contains the Reckon Accounts data file.

Any other antivirus with Internet monitoring could cause a similar error message in Reckon Accounts because it is acting as a firewall.

Some Registry cleaning programs, such as Fix It Utilties, can also cause this error.

This error message has been observed on a standalone PC install of QuickBooks running Norton(R) Protection Center.


This article provides a general overview and specific steps to disable the IMON in the NOD32 software.

Network Users

On the computer where the Reckon Accounts data is stored:

·open the Control Panel for the NOD32 program

·choose to disable IMON functionality and reboot the computer.

An exclusion list for IMON exists, but we have not isolated which specific component can be excluded without affecting the IMON functionality at this time. The company, "Essential Security Against Evolving Threats" (ESET), that produces NOD32, states the following:

"By default, IMON checks the POP3 protocol on TCP port 110 and the HTTP protocol on TCP ports 80, 81, 3128, 8080, and 8081 for threats to your system. IMON will also check for HTTP traffic on other TCP ports automatically. This behavior, as well as the POP3 and the HTTP ports checked by IMON, can be viewed or changed in IMON's setup."

Standalone PC install of Reckon Accounts:

1. Click File > Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.

2. Close and reopen Reckon Accounts.

3. Reckon Accounts should now open without error.

Make Reckon Accounts processes exceptions to your firewall. See all processes that must be made exceptions.

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