Error Message 'C=238 When clicking on Go Online Button'

Legacy KB ID: 261


When I am in the online banking centre and click the go online button I receive an error " error number 238 occurred during your online session "


This is caused by editing your bank account details within the chart of Accounts. This is currently being investigated by our development team and will get fixed in a future update

For the time been you need to create a dummy bank account and give it the same online information that your real account has in order to be able to click on the Go Online Button.

To create a new Bank Account:

  1. Go to List drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Account Button and then Choose New.
  3. Select the type as Bank and click on Continue.
  4. Give it a name, and then go to the Online Banking Details tab. Fill in the details as appropriate and then click on Save and Close.

You will in the meantime need to use your Internet web browser to access your financial institution's website.

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