Fatal Error (M=1151, L=413, C=315, V=0(0))

Legacy KB ID: 119


My program crashes with the following error: Fatal Error (M=1151, L=413, C=315, V=0(0))


1) Open the customer list 2) Click on the Customer:Job button and select Re-Sort list. When asked if you really want to return the list to its original order, click OK 3) Close the Name list 4) Go to the list menu and select the Chart of Accounts 5) Go to the Account button and re-sort the list as above. 6) Repeat this process with the remainder of the list menu, including the other list sub-menu. Note the following… Depending on the list, the button may be called a variety of things (the name of the list) but it will always be the button at the bottom left and will function the same way. Not all lists will need to be re-sorted – if the option is greyed out or doesn’t appear, just go on to the next list. 7) Once the lists have been resorted, close all the windows to leave a blank screen inside Quickbooks. 8) Click the File menu, select Utilities and select "Verify Data". This will go through a process of checking the datafile. When finished, a small box will pop up either stating that it found no errors or that it did find some errors. No matter what it says, click on the OK button and continue. 9) Click the File menu, select Utilities and select "Rebuild Data". The program will ask you to make a new backup. It is recommended that you back up the datafile either on a brand new formatted floopy disk or onto the hard drive. 10) Click "Save" to make the back up and the program will continue its rebuilding process. When finished, Quickbooks will pop up a window stating it has finished, click on the Ok button here. 11) Click the File menu, select Utilities and select "Verify Data". 12) If the 2nd Verify picks up any problems, go through the rebuild again. If no problems are detetced, test the datafile to make sure the problem does not re-occur.

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