How do I customise the purchase order so the dollar sign won't appear?

Legacy KB ID: 218


I don't want the dollar sign to appear in the purchase order. Is it possible to customise the purchase order?


It is possible by using the Customise feature. 1) Go to the Purchase Order Screen 2) Select the required template and then Customise it. 3) Go to the Fields tab and tick both Screen and Print columns for the field Other2. 4) Place the description for this item as Total Amount. 5) Go to the Footer tab and untick the TOTAL field Print option. 6) What this will do is show the total on the purchase order screen but not print it out as part of the printed purchase order report. It will however now show another field Total Amount. 7) Edit the layout of the purchase order so that the Total Amount field is placed under the Subtotal. Save this template. You will have to edit the field to how you want it in the Layout Designer, eg, untick borders, etc. So this means that in the purchase order screen it will show the total dollar value. Copy this figure into the displayed Total Amount field. Now the purchase order won't print with a dollar sign.

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