ABN Numbers not appearing on Customer Statements

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Why wont ABN Numbers appear on my Customer Statements?


To show ABN numbers on your customer statements you need to add a custom field to your statement template.

To add this custom field do the following:

1. Open QuickBooks and select 'Lists' then select 'Templates'
2. Double Click the template you are using for your customer statements using your left mouse button
3. Select the button 'Layout Designer'
4. Click on the 'Add' button and then select 'Text Box'
5. Type in your ABN the same way as you want your customers to see it on your statement such as 'ABN:123456789' and select 'OK'
6. Using your mouse, drag the new ABN text box to a position on your statement that suits your needs then select 'OK' on the Layout Designer, and again 'OK' on the edit template window to return to QuickBooks.

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