Error -6000, -301: An error occurred when Reckon Accounts tried to access the company file

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Why do I get Error -6000, -301: "An error occurred when Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) tried to access the company file" when I try to access my company file?



The company file is damaged.


Multi-users should try to open the file from the local machine to eliminate network issues as source of the problem.  If the file opens without problems, then click here for KB 404 to troubleshoot the Reckon Accounts network.

If the problem persists then:

1.    Restore the most recent undamaged backup of your company file

2.    Rebuild and Verify the file:

a.    File > Utilities > Rebuild

b.    When asked to make a backup, do not override existing backups

c.    File > Utilities > Verify

d.    Ensure that the message “No errors found” is returned.

e.    If errors found, repeat the Rebuild and Verify steps

f.     If errors persist, examine the QBWin.log file.  To view:

                                          i.    With the company file open, press Ctrl-1 then press Ctrl-2

                                         ii.    Click on the Open Files tab

                                        iii.    Select QBwin.log and click on Open File

                                       iv.    Scroll to the bottom of the screen and work upwards and look for error messages.  Search the knowledge browser for the keywords in the message for directions to repair the error. 

3.     Re-enter data since the last backup

Alternatively, send the company file to Reckon Data Services.  See the website for instructions: 



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