Fatal Error (m=1477,l=2070,c=44,v=8)

Legacy KB ID: 143


My program continually crashes with the above error message.


To fix this problem go through the following steps: Open the Write Cheques window (go to Activities/Write Cheques or press CTRL + W) Click in the Pay to the Order of field on the cheque form so that the cursor is flashing there. Press CTRL + L to open the name list. Click on the Name button and select Re-Sort list. When asked if you really want to return the list to its original order click OK. Close the Name list and the Write cheques window. Go to the list menu and select the Chart of Accounts Go to the Account button and re-sort the list as above Close the list Repeat this process with the remainder of the list menu, including the other list sub-menu Depending on the list, the button may be called a variety of things (the name of the list) but it will always be the button at the bottom left and will function the same way. Not all lists will need to be re-sorted, if the option is greyed out or doesn’t appear, just go on to the next list. Rebuild the data file Verify the data file If the corruption has not been fixed by the rebuild have a look at the Qbwin.log file, this file will list the errors the rebuild found. Try to fix the corruption manually. Once this has been done rebuild and verify the datafile again.

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