Zeros replace Yodlee ID or Branch Code fields after a successful BankData Import

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Why do the Yodlee ID or the Branch Code fields change to a string of zeros after a successful BankData Import into Reckon Accounts? 


Merge your bank ledger account into a new bank ledger account


The Issue

The appearance of a string of zeros in either or both the Yodlee ID or Branch Code fields is a signal that your bank ledger account is corrupt.  At this stage there may be no other evidence of corruption in the bank ledger account, but in time other signs will develop – for instance, like “not in balance” errors on Reports accessing this ledger account. 

You can re-enter the correct numbers and successfully import BankData, but the zeros will re-appear. 

If you exit the company file after re-entering the numbers your company file will not save the changes for future use. 

We have not identified the cause of this corruption.



Carry out general maintenance on your company file to identify and correct any corruptions in the company file:

1.    Backup your company file

2.    Re-sort all Lists

3.    Rebuild your company file and follow up on any errors

Examine your verify_rebuild_data.log or QBWin.log file for errors

4.    Verify your company file. 

5.    Repeat steps until all errors eliminated.

6.    Create a Portable Company File

7.    Restore the Portable Company File to a new name

Merge the bank ledger account to a new one

1.    Rename your bank ledger account to TEST

2.    Create a new bank ledger account with the original name of the corrupt account

3.    Rename TEST bank ledger account back to the original name

4.    Accept YES to merge the old account with the new account


If when merging you get the error that you have unprocessed transactions in the Online Banking Centre, and all downloaded transactions have been processed, then do the following:

1.    In the corrupt bank ledger account, enter alternate information into the fields for Bank, Branch code, Account Number and APCA, and Save.

2.    Now rename TEST bank ledger account to the original name

3.    Accept YES to merge the old account with the new account.   


If the problem persists please call Technical Support or contact


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