QuickBooks crashing on startup in Windows Server 2008. (Applies to all QuickBooks) or unable to register.

Legacy KB ID: 385


How to: QuickBooks installation in Windows 2008 Terminal Server or Application Server.


To run QuickBooks users need to have least Power User Access and it must be installed as Administrator.
However with the new enhancements  in windows server 2008 it puts IE security in High Level which cannot be reduced via Control Panel > Internet Option > Security > Reset.



Reduce Internet Explorer security settings in Windows 2008 Server:

·         Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Server Manager

·         Under the "security information section, click on the Configure IE ESC" link and  Change status to OFF.

·         Press OK.

·         Turn off Windows Firewall or add QuickBooks executables and ports to the firewall exclusion list.  Click here for the full list.   QuickBooks should work or you should be able to register the software.


If the problem persists, continue with the following:

·         Open Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security > Internet

·         Click on Custom Level...

·         Change Reset to... to Medium

·         Click on Reset, Yes and OK.

·         Close Internet Explorer


You should now be able to launch QuickBooks successfully.


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