Customers receiving emails from and not from my email address.

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Why do my customers receive emails from  and not from me?  They do not know the email is from me.  What happens to the email if they click on Reply?


To deliver an email to your customer from the Reckon Accounts Hosted environment, emails are sent from a specific mail server on Hosted.  Because of the way many ISP spam filters work, the email must be sent from and not from your email address to avoid being blocked. 

Reckon has attempted other methods of delivering emails that do show your email address, but other problems associated with those methods did not produce a system with the integrity of the current system.

You will need to inform your customer that emails from are from you. 

Your customer can click REPLY and the email will go to the email address specified in your Company Information screen. 




What YOU should do.

In Reckon Accounts Hosted

1.    Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > Company Preferences;

2.    In the subject line, include your company name at the start to make the email easier to identify as being from you.

In your local email programme

1.    Create another email address to be used for invoices sent to customers;

2.    Create a subfolder in your Inbox for emails sent to this email address;

3.    Create a Rule to automatically send emails to this address to this subfolder;

4.    Review emails in this subfolder after sending from Reckon Accounts Hosted to confirm that emails have been sent. 

In Reckon Accounts Hosted again

1.    Supplier Centre > Supplier record > Address Info;

2.    In the CC field, enter your email address for invoices.


What you should ask your CUSTOMER.

1.    Create a subfolder in their Inbox for emails from;

2.    Create a Rule to automatically emails from to this folder;

3.    In their Junk filter and Spam filter, make a trusted address (the exact options will vary between email programmes);

4.    When replying, just click on REPLY.

  1. All new email communications should be sent to your normal email address and not  Direct emails to are not monitored. 


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