How do I handle returned items on an unpaid invoice?

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How do I handle returned items on an unpaid invoice?


If you have a customer who is returning items from an unpaid invoice, you may want to void the invoice instead of deleting it to keep complete records of all sales. If the customer is returning items but there are items remaining on the invoice, you can create a credit memo to record the returned item.

To void a sales form:

1) From the Customer menu, choose Create Invoices and Click Prev. until you find the invoice you want to void OR In the Chart of Accounts, select your Accounts Receivable account, and choose Use Register from the Banking menu button. Scroll though the register to find the invoice you want to void.
2) From the Edit menu, choose Void Invoice. QuickBooks changes the amounts on the sale to zero and enters "Void" in the Memo field.
3) Click OK in the Create Invoices window, or Record in the Accounts Receivable register.

To record a return:

1) From the Customers menu, choose Create Adjustment Notes.
2) Fill in the window, entering the returned items in the line-item area. QuickBooks decreases the income accounts of the invoice items by the amount of the return.
3) Click OK. QuickBooks enters a negative amount in your A/R register for the credit memo.
4) (Optional) To print the credit memo, click the Print button.

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