Email provider changes when I change the Email Form in Send Forms


After I have changed my Email Provider from Preferences > Send Forms and I then change the form (for example, Invoice to Statements) and I go back to My Preferences, my Email Provider has changed back to the old one. How do I fix it?


Do not click on My Preferences tab after you change the Form (Invoice/Statements etc.).

This issue happens only if you have also changed the Email Provider, just before changing the Form without clicking the OK button first.

The issue

If you have:

  1. From Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences > Changed the Email Provider (for example, from Outlook to Gmail)
  2. Then went to Company Preferences > Changed the Form (for example, from Invoice to Statements)
  3. Went back to My Preferences and noticed that the previous Email Provider is chosen (for example Gmail) instead of the new Email Provider you chose in Step 1 (for example, Outlook)


Do not go back to My Preferences after you have changed the Form.

Going back to My Preferences tab changes the Email Provider back to the old one. As mentioned earlier, it only happens if you have just updated the Email Provider, otherwise Email Provider does not change.

Once you have updated your form/s, just click OK to save and close that window. It will retain your new Email Provider for all of the forms. From now on, until you have changed the Email Provider again, you can change tabs between My Preferences and Company Preferences and your Email Provider will not change.

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