How do I pay my credit card bill?

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How do I pay my credit card bill?


To pay your credit card bill: 1) From the Activities menu, choose Reconcile. 2) In the Account to Reconcile field, enter or select the credit card account you want to reconcile. 3) Compare the opening balance amount shown on your statement with the amount shown in the Opening Balance field in the Reconcile window. 4) Find the ending balance on your bank or credit card statement and enter it in the Ending Balance field. 5) Enter any finance charges associated with the statement and then select your finance charge expense account. 6) Select the transactions that appears on your statement. 7) When you've marked all transactions from your statement and the difference is zero, click Done. Or, If the difference is not zero, correct the difference or have QuickBooks adjust for the difference, and then click Done. 8) In the Make Payments window, choose whether to write a cheque to pay for the bill, or if you use accounts payable, to have QuickBooks enter the bill for later payment.

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