How do I resolve the error, "Insufficient memory"?

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How do I resolve the error, "Insufficient memory"?


You may receive insufficient memory messages when running an application or performing a task. Memory may refer to either RAM (Random Access Memory) on your system or to Windows Resources. Look for error messages similar to: * Application Error Insufficient memory to run this application. Quit one or more Windows applications and then try again. * There is not enough memory available. Causes for these errors include: * Insufficient Windows System Resources. * File Corruption, Application Problems, or Configuration Problems. Listed below are some of the things you can do: * Restart Windows. This allows Windows to reset all of its resources. Some programs may not relinquish resources completely when they terminate, thus keeping those resources from being available to other applications. * We recommend using the Task List to close all applications that are currently running in Windows. To make sure unnecessary programs are not automatically launched when Windows starts, we also recommend examining your Startup Group in Windows. You can remove unnecessary programs. * TSRs, Terminate and Stay Resident programs, are programs that start when you first turn your computer on. They stay in memory, ready for your use even if they are not active on your screen. An editing utility called SYSEDIT is designed for viewing and modifying the AUTOEXEC.BAT and WIN.INI files and can be used to disable TSRs. * Increase the Files and Buffers in the CONFIG.SYS file

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