Bank Of Queensland changes the BSB number 124001, for direct bank feed. RAB/Hosted.

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Why does my BSB number changes to 124001 when I setup a direct feed with Bank of Queensland?

I’m getting error “Getting Transaction summary error. You don’t have permission to request bank feeds for this account.Please check the Branch code, Account Number or YodleeID in the Bank Account set-up.”


Bank of Queensland uses the universal BSB number 124001 and activates the bank data for any customers irrespective of their local BSB numbers. Please see their webpage for more information on this.

Who does this applies to:

This applies to any Reckon Accounts Business/Hosted customer, who has requested the direct feed from Bank of Queensland.

Solution / Workaround:

Please send a support request to stating your BSB number so we can map your BSB number in the backend.

Additional information:

This solution is only applicable for Reckon Accounts customer and not applicable to Reckon One customer.

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