Settings - Payroll App

If you need to make changes to your company details or manage the Earnings, Allowance and Leave items, tap Settings at the bottom of the screen

Manage Subscription

Tapping Manage subscription opens the subscriptions section of your device.

Manage Company Details

Tap Manage company details to edit the Contact name, Email address, Phone number and Address for the company.

Manage Earnings and Leave Items

To edit or add Earnings or Leave items, tap Manage earning and leave items. The items are displayed in 4 groups, Normal earning items, Overtime earning items, Leave earning items and Other earning items.

Normal Earnings Items

Here you will find Ordinary as the default earning item.

Overtime Earnings Items

Double time and Time & a half are the default overtime earning items.

Leave Items

There are a number of Leave items created by default. These include Compassionate leave, RDO, Long service leave, Family & domestic violence leave, Personal leave and Annual leave.

Other Earnings Items

We have included Bonus payments and Paid parental leave in the Other earning items group.

Adding New Earnings Item

To add a new earning or leave item, tap the + in the top right hand corner.

Select from Add normal earning item, Add overtime earning item or Add other earning item.

Give the Earning item a name and input the Rate multiplier (Overtime earning item only)

Select if Tax is applicable and if the item is to be included in the Super guarantee calculation.

Tap Save when done.

Tap the back arrow in the top left corner to return to the main screen.

Manage Allowance Items

To save time, we have created a number of common allowance items for you to choose from. These are Transport allowance, Other allowance, Car allowance (non-taxed), Meal allowance, Travel allowance, Car allowance (taxed) and Laundry allowance.

Tap on an allowance item to enter the Default base rate for the allowance. Tap Save to return.

Adding a new Allowance item

To add a new allowance item, tap the + in the top right hand corner.

Give the allowance a name then choose the allowance type from the defined list of Travel, Meals, Transport, Car, Laundry or Other.

Complete the Default base rate.

Select if Tax is applicable and if you want the item to show as an allowance.

Tap Save when done.

Tap the back arrow in the top left corner to return to the main screen.

Copy pay items from previous pay

Coming this week !

We know from pay run to pay run your employee’s pay items and rates more or less stay the same. Rather than re-entering these details, copy pay items from previous pay copies the pay item details for the selected employee(s) from the last pay run they were included in.

By pay run, we mean the pay run pay date not the pay period.


Pay run (pay date)


Earnings item

NEW PAY RUN - April 30

** Items that will be copied

  1. Mary
  2. Jack
  1. Hourly | $30.00 | 20 hrs
  2. Hourly | $25.00 | 6 hrs

April 23

  1. Mary
  1. Hourly | $30.00 | 20 hrs

April 16

  1. Mary
  2. Jack
  1. Hourly | $28.50 | 6.5 hrs
  2. Hourly | $25.00 | 6 hrs

April 9

  1. Mary
  1. Sunday | $57.00 | 5 hrs

Copied details include:

  • Earnings & leave items
  • Allowance items
  • Deduction items
  • Superannuation items
  • Rates
  • Hours
  • Quantities

Once copied you can edit any of these values. For example, if your employee is casual you can adjust their hours. You can also add or remove pay items as required.

Software ID

Your unique Software ID for Single Touch Payroll (STP) is displayed.

Register Software ID

  1. Tapping Register your software ID takes to to the steps required to register this software ID with the ATO.
  2. Once you have registered your Software ID, tick I've registered my Software ID.
  3. Tap Done.

Use Biometrics

Use this to enable and disable using your devices biometrics such as FaceID (iOS) or Touch sensor (Android) instead of email to unlock the app.

Help and Support

Tapping Help and Support displays the options available if you need help with the app. You have the option of asking the Reckon Community, viewing the Reckon website for how to articles and troubleshooting or talk to one of our Phone support team members.

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