Column details are blank when attempting to print a report or export to Excel in QuickBooks

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Why are the column details blank when attempting to print a report or export to Excel even though they appear on screen?


NOTE: Some reports have been resolved in QuickBooks 2009/10 SP1.

To download QuickBooks 2009/10 SP1, click on the link below and follow the instructions provided.

If the report does not display the information required, follow the instructions below:

To produce the name/description information on a print out:

  • From the Customer Centre, double click on the first customer in the list
  • From the Additional Info tab, click Define Fields
  • Enter a name in the Label field and place a tick in the Customer:Jobs box
  • Click OK
  • Generate the report
  • Click on Modify Report
  • From the Display tab, locate and tick the name that was created in Columns box
  • Click OK

Another alternative is to change the reporting preference from Net to Gross

To do this:

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Reports and Graphs
  • Click the Company Preferences tab
  • Change default reporting from Net to Gross

Print the report and the name/description details will now print out.

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