Setting up and using classes.

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What is the best way to track different departments or locations of my business?


You can track different departments or locations of your company separately by using classes. Classes are a tool within QuickBooks for assigning different values to different sections of your business. You can use classes to track the following: - Individual department's payroll, overtime, income and expenses, etc. as well as the total for all departments - Totals for separate locations as well as the cumulative total for all locations - Different properties you own - Any other meaningful breakdown of the business you do To turn class tracking on: 1) From the File menu, choose Preferences. 2) Select Accounting in the scroll box. 3) Select the "Use class tracking" checkbox. 4) Click OK. To create your list of classes: Before you create your list of classes, you must take a good look at your business and decide the best way to track your income and expenses. Don't worry, you can make changes after you set them up if you discover they need to be somewhat different. 1) From the Lists menu, choose Classes. 2) In the Class List window, choose New from the Class menu button. 3) Enter the class name in the Class Name field. 4) (Optional) If this is a subclass of another class, select the "Subclass of" checkbox and choose the higher-level, or parent, class from the drop-down list. 5) If you want to keep this class from appearing on the Class list, select "Class is inactive." 6) Click Next to enter another new class, or click OK to close the window. For more information on working with classes, refer to the QuickBooks User's Guide.

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