How can I setup gift vouchers in Quickbooks?

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How can I setup gift vouchers in Quickbooks?


1) Set up a customer called "Gift Vouchers". All you need to enter is the Customer:Job as Gift Voucher, leave everything else blank. 2) When a gift voucher is sold receive a payment for the gift voucher amount against the customer, "Gift Voucher". This amount will go into Unapplied Amounts. So that you can recognise which gift voucher is for which customer, enter the gift voucher recipient and the purchaser in the Memo field. (ie. Gift for Joe Bloggs from Gina Smith) 3) When the voucher is redeemed, make an invoice to the Gift Voucher" customer. Enter in the name and address, (if required) of the person who is presenting the gift voucher in the appropiate place and fill in the rest of the details as per normal. 4) If the amount of the sale is more than the gift voucher, you will need to get more money from the customer. 5) To apply the payment of the gift voucher to the sale, receive a payment against the customer, Gift Voucher" and apply the existing credit amount from the initial payment.

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