Quicken and ReckonAccounts backup does not include attachments.

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Why is ReckonAccounts (and Quicken) not including my attachments in the regular backup anymore?


If you receive an error “File NOT backed up” when your regular backup completes, any attachments will not be included in the backup. 

The “File not backed up” message is generally a benign message and results from the file name being longer than 8 characters.  Your ReckonAccounts and Quicken files are backed up.  However, folders like Attach for attachments are not included when this message is generated. 

Your filename may have been shorter than 8 characters, but if you restored a backup that included the date of the backup, you are now using a file that has a name longer than 8 characters. 



Rename your data file and backup again. 

1.    From the Quicken File menu, choose File Operations, and then choose Rename.

2.    In the Rename Quicken File window, select the file.

3.    Enter a new name for the file in the New Name for Quicken File field. Make sure that the new name is less than eight characters long, does not contain any non-alphanumeric characters, or spaces.

4.    Click OK.


If you have now lost attachments, refer to https://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=4739 for further instructions.


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