BAS window doesn’t fit on the screen

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I’m using Reckon Accounts Business and my BAS window doesn't fit properly on screen. The screen looks full size but is cutting out the information and do not display all the lines within. It looks like below:


Who does this apply to?

So far, we have seen this issue occur with users using MS Surface tablets and Lenovo Yoga tablets on Windows 10.

Please find below how to workaround this issue.

Workaround 1:
1. Right-click on a blank space on your desktop and select 'Display settings'
2. Ensure in the Display Settings, the monitor and magnification sizes are set to their recommended settings:

3. Right-click on your Reckon Accounts icon on the desktop and select 'Properties'

4. Select the 'Compatibility' tab

5. Click on High DPI Settings
6. At the bottom of the window, select 'Change Application Scaling based on DPI settings' and change the drop-down box to 'Application'
7. Tick the box 'Run this program as an administrator'
8. Click Apply then OK
9. Reboot your PC
10. Run Reckon Account and try running your BAS

If the issue persists:
1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Reckon Accounts xxxx 20xx
2. Double-click on the file 'Reboot.bat' and let the file run
3. After the file runs, open Reckon Accounts again and try running your BAS

* xxxx represents your Reckon Accounts edition (e.g. Premier) and xx represents the year version (e.g. 2018).

Workaround 2:
If the first workaround does not resolve the issue, then the only other solution we have found that fixes the issue is to reinstall the Windows OS on your device. Please follow this guide from Microsoft to reset your device to factory default settings.

Please note: Please note that with this second workaround, it will delete everything on your PC (i.e. files, pictures, documents, will be removed). Make sure you backup all your important files/documents before proceeding with this step. It will also remove any applications you previously had installed. Make sure you have enough resources to reinstall them, like installation CDs and installation keys.

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