Creating a Pay Run - Payroll App

New Pay run

  1. To create a Pay run, select Pay runs from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Next, Tap the blue plus in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

Pay run details

  1. Select the pay date. This is the date you are paying the employees. Tap Done.
  2. Then choose the pay period by selecting the first day in the pay period and the last day of the pay period. Note: The last day of the pay period may be different from the Pay date. Tap Done.
  3. Select the Employees that are being paid in this pay run. Tap Next. Note: You can also add a new employee from this screen.

Pay details

To enter the pay details for the employee, tap Edit Pay details.

  1. Tap Add item, select the Earning name from Bonus, Double Time, Ordinary, Paid Parental Leave, Time and a half, Annual leave or Personal leave. Tap Done.
  2. Enter the base rate as $ per hour and the Quantity/hours worked. Tap Add.
  3. If need to add another Earning item eg, Annual leave, tap Add item, enter the hourly rate and hours applicable. PAYGW tax withheld will be automatically calculated.
  1. Super guarantee will be automatically calculated.
  2. To add Salary sacrifice for super, tap the item, enter the Salary scarified amount. Tap Edit to finish.
  1. Tap Add item, select the Allowance name from Car (taxed), Car (non taxed), Laundry, Meal, Other, Transport or Travel. Tap Done.
  2. Enter the Allowance amount. Tap Add.
  3. If need to add another Allowance item eg, Meal Allowance, tap Add item, enter the hourly rate and hours applicable.
  1. Tap Add item, select the Deduction name from Charity donations, FBT Contribution, Membership fees, Social Club, Vehicle lease payment. Tap Done.
  2. Enter the Deduction amount. Tap Add.
  3. If need to add another Deduction item eg, Social club tap Add item, enter the hourly rate and hours applicable.
  1. Tap Done.
  2. Swipe to enter the pay details of additional employees.
In the top right hand corner, you can tap the 3 dots to Edit or add employees to the pay run or to delete the pay run.

Completing the pay run

  1. To complete the pay run, tap Mark as paid.
  2. The is a confirmation pop up where you have the option to Change the pay date, or Mark as paid.
  3. Tap Mark as paid. The pay run will finalised. The pay run can be reverted to draft by tapping the 3 dots in the top right hand corner.
  4. Tap Continue to declaration to get ready for submission of the Single Touch Payroll (STP) data to the ATO.

STP submission

  1. After tapping Continue to declaration to fill in your name on the declaration for the single touch payroll (STP) data.
  2. Tap Submit to ATO.

A message will display saying your pay run has been submitted and is being processed by the ATO.

Email Payslips

  1. Tap Send pay slips to email the pay slips to the employees.
  2. Select the employees to email and tap Send pay slips now.
  3. Optionally, you can add your email address to receive a copy of the pay slips.
  4. Tap Finish to return to the Pay runs screen.


If you are correcting information previously submitted, select the Submit as an adjustment option.

Adding a new pay run

To add a new pay run, tap the + in the top right hand corner and choose New pay run.

You also have the option to complete and adjustment for any corrections to a submitted pay run.

Single Touch Payroll

Under the Pay runs selection, there is the option to view the Single Touch Payroll submissions.

Tapping Single Touch Payroll with show all STP submissions to the ATO and the status.

Statuses are:

  • Draft - The STP submission has not been sent to the ATO.
  • Pending - The STP submission has been sent to the ATO and is awaiting review.
  • Success - The STP submission has been successfully received and processed by the ATO.
  • Error - The STP submission was sent to the ATO but was not successfully processed. Please review the errors returned by the ATO, make corrections and resubmit.

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