QuickBooks crashes when importing bank statement from ANZ and Suncorp financial institutions.

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Why when I import my bank statement files (QIF) from ANZ or Suncorp, it crashes QuickBooks?


We have been in contact with the abovementioned financial institutions and found that they have recently changed there QIF file format and therefore causing a crash when importing it into QuickBooks.

They mentioned that the right action will be taken to remedy the effect of the changes so that the import feature would work as per normal in QuickBooks like before.

The differences found in the QIF file format are as follows:

SUNCORP: There is a space that has been added after the date and the amount field, these can be deleted if the QIF file is opened with notepad and the spaces deleted manually after each date and amount values, then save and reimport.

ANZ: They have added a <tab> at the end of the date field, this can be fixed by opening the file in notepad and deleting it manually after each date entry, then save and reimport.





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