'You must specify a tax agency for this tax account' when pay tax to ATO in the WRITE CHEQUES window


Why do I get the abovementioned error when I Pay my Tax through Write Cheques window or when I use a different tax account as opposed to using the main tax account?         


What is happening?

When you go to:


It brings the WRITE CHEQUES window, when you enter in the details and click on SAVE & CLOSE, you get the message: 

"You must specify a tax agency for this tax account"

This is most likely due to an account being used that is not assigned to a tax agency or due to using a tax account that is a sub account of your main Tax Payable account and in order to remedy you need to:

1.     Go to Suppliers - Tax Activities - Pay Tax.

2.     Point the cursor on the line that get presented, then go to Edit drop down menu and then choose Delete Line.

3.     Now choose the desired Tax account/s back in from the Account drop down list.

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