What happens if an update problems occurs?

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What happens if an update problem occurs when i'm upgrading my QuickBooks company data file?


If your attempt to update your company file from an older version of QuickBooks fails, this procedure may correct the problem. If it is not successful, contact Technical Support 1. Reinstall your older version of QuickBooks into a completely new directory. 2. Start the older version of QuickBooks, then restore the backup you made of your company file. 3. From the Window menu, select Close All. 4. From the File menu, select Utilities, then Rebuild The Rebuild utility will ask you to create another backup. WARNING! DO NOT OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING BACKUPS! 5. When the rebuild completes successfully, back up the rebuilt file. 6. Exit from the older version of QuickBooks * You can un-install the older version of QuickBooks now 7. Reinstall QuickBooks 2002 into the directory where you first installed it 8. When the Installer finishes, double-click the QuickBooks icon on your desktop to start your new software. * If the Welcome screen appears, click Cancel. 9. From the File menu, choose Restore. 10. Navigate to the Backup of the company file you just rebuilt (the file you created in Step 5), select it, then click Open. Follow the instructions on your screen to restore and update your company file. If you are still having difficulties call Technical Support

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