How do I print my company logo on QuickBooks forms?

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How do I print my company logo on QuickBooks forms?


You can specify a logo from a file which QuickBooks prints to the left of your company name and address on forms. If you like, you can move your logo to a different part of the form, for example, center it at the top. The logo must be a bitmap (.BMP) file created with an application, such as Paintbrush. For best results, use a bitmap file with the same height and width. You can reduce or expand the size of the logo by using the mouse to select and resize it. To add a logo to your form: 1) In the Customise window for the form to which you want to add a logo, click the Options tab. 2) Select the Use logo checkbox. 3) In the Logo window, click File. 4) In the Open Logo File window, specify the drive, directory path, and filename of the bitmap file that contains the logo. 5) Click OK to return to the Invoice Logo window. 6) Click OK to return to the Customise window. 7) (Optional) Click the Layout Designer button to move and resize your logo. QuickBooks displays and prints your company logo on the form you customised. Now, using the Layout Designer, you can move and resize it.

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