List of Company Files endpoint

You can now get the list of Company files (saved in both Q drive or shared folder) of a Reckon Accounts (RA) Hosted user account and their filePath.

Your users will no longer need to go to RA Hosted application to get their File's location and then paste it in your application.

You can now present their list of files in a drop-down menu to choose from. You can then save the selected filePath and then add it to your payloads.

This reduces human error and your users will be able to integrate with RA Hosted quickly.

fileName in the /userfiles endpoint response gives you the exact name of the company file. We recommend you to present a Company file selection drop-down menu to your users from the response of this endpoint response instead of asking the user to enter the file path manually.

You should also show the filePath next to the file name in the drop-down menu (for example, either in a bracket or under the file name in a smaller sized font), because a user might have multiple copies of their company with the same name under their Q drive and shared folder. This will reduce the user error of connecting to the wrong company file.

You will then map the selected item's filePath to the FileName object for the subsequent Hosted API payloads.




  • Authorization: Bearer {{token}}
  • Content-Type: application/json

Sample Response

"numberOfFiles": 2,
"availableFiles": [
"fileName": "File from Q Drive.QBW",
"filePath": "Q:\\File from Q Drive.QBW",
"lastWrite_datetime": "2020-02-26T04:34:05.025Z"
"fileName": "Shared File.QBW",
"filePath": "\\\\RAH-HG-FSS-90\\063659-1573258-SharedFile\\Shared File.QBW",
"lastWrite_datetime": "2020-02-12T03:13:47.806Z"

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