Lodge Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration

This feature is available on Reckon One Payroll Medium module.

In Reckon One Payroll, you can submit your employees Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration using Reckon GovConnect.

  1. Expand Contacts menu from the side navigation menu and select Employees.
  2. Create a new employee or open an existing employee record.
  3. Go to Tax tab.
  4. Select 'Lodge TFN Declaration via Reckon GovConnect' checkbox
  5. Enter Employee declaration date in the date field.
  6. Click Save.

Only Full time, Part Time and Causal employment type are eligible to submit electronic tax file number via Reckon GovConnect. Apprentice, labour hire and contractors cannot submit electronic tax file number.

You can find the employee's tax file number declaration when you click on Detail on Reckon GovConnect after you have submitted your Single Touch Payroll from Reckon One.

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